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Our Philosophy


At Millburn, we believe in the power of diversification, process-driven methods and comprehensive measurement. We employ these principles in hiring, in structuring our teams, and in the way we invest. 


Incorporate Diverse and Multiple Views

We believe that developing a clear picture requires looking at different types and sources of information—simultaneously and in context of one another.

In terms of our people, this translates into teams comprising diverse, well-rounded individuals who thrive in a collaborative environment.

In terms of the markets and instruments in which we invest, this means utilizing multiple factors and an inclusive approach to try to better explain (and predict) the direction and magnitude of returns, and better manage risk.

Seek Institutional-Quality Excellence

The success of our firm is driven by our R&D processes and investment approach, but also by our focus on quality technology, execution, operations and reporting infrastructure and teams—all operating within a strict culture of compliance. We believe these elements are critical differentiators in their own right.

In everything we do, and across all areas of the firm, we seek to measure, evaluate and improve over time.

Remain Aligned with Our Investors

We believe in our firm and our approach, and this conviction is demonstrated by our own invested assets.

As of January 2019, more than 6% of the firm's assets under management represent investments of Millburn’s current and former principals, employees and their family members, and related entities.

We believe this keeps our interests aligned with those of our investors.