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Investment Solutions for a Range of Investor Needs

Over our history, Millburn's quantitative and process-driven approaches have been applied during a variety of market conditions, including periods of market stress for traditional asset classes. Investment solutions utilizing these approaches include systematic long/short strategies, as well as multi-asset long-biased and long-only strategies, to meet a range of investor needs.

Systematic long/short strategies seek to take advantage of opportunities in both rising and falling markets, and have historically provided diversification for traditional stock, bond and hedge fund portfolios, including during many periods of general market stress. Of course, there can be no guarantee that losses will not occur.

Millburn's Approach

Millburn is a pioneer in the development of systematic long/short strategies to trade liquid futures and foreign exchange instruments, and has one of the longest continuously-running track records of any alternative investment manager.*

Today, our approach utilizes an innovative, powerful statistical framework acting on multiple factors in seeking to explain, and forecast, the direction and magnitude of returns in each of the instruments we trade.


Simple long-only strategies provide long-term "strategic" exposure to traditional stock, bond and other asset classes. However, these strategies can suffer from an inability to modify exposure based on shorter-term market conditions. This can translate to poor performance, especially during periods of general market stress.

Millburn's Approach

Millburn's adaptive long-biased and long-only strategies are intended to provide investors with a level of strategic long exposure to desired asset classes while systematically adjusting exposures during identified shorter-term periods of stress or opportunity. 

Portfolios include those combining multiple instruments and asset classes to construct absolute return or benchmark-relative programs to meet specific investor needs.


*Millburn Diversified Program began trading in February 1977, and we believe it represents one of the longest continuously operating managed futures programs in the world. Source for comparative length of track record: Millburn, based on data compiled from eVestment and Newedge Group.