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Rigor + Intellectual Curiosity


Our teams of talented researchers, quantitative technologists, portfolio experts, traders and business professionals together bring a combination of academic knowledge, market experience and intellectual curiosity to each of their roles. Working in a casual, open and collaborative environment, teams strive to provide our clients and partners with the highest levels of investment excellence, and to improve the science of investment management.


Millburn's leadership team includes a stable core of highly-experienced individuals at the Executive and Investment Committee levels. This core is complemented by a set of talented and experienced team members heading critical operating areas of the firm, providing for continuity as we build towards our next 40 years of operation. 



Our Research team favors an open, academic environment as opposed to a silo approach, encouraging idea generation and cross-fertilization while benefiting from close peer review and constructive criticism. The team is focused on a constant, iterative process of improving portfolio construction and risk-adjusted returns for each investment program we trade. 

While the environment is open, the range of different skill sets available within the team still allows for the direction of projects to focus on each individual's key strengths. Researchers include computer scientists, engineers, physicists and mathematics experts with education from top schools—individuals who have a passion for finding structure in noisy data, and translating that into actionable investment strategies. 


Key to the support of, and the enabling of, our Research team and the other functions of the firm are our technologists, who seek to stay on top of the latest and most robust tools and techniques, with the goal of improving the way we invest, measure and run our business.

Our Technology team includes individuals proficient in the efficient collection, cleaning and organizing of vast arrays of data, but also people with the knowledge of how best to apply this data to the various problems that our teams, and our investors, seek to solve. 


Our execution specialists straddle theory and practice, and are integrated tightly with both our Research and Technology teams. Execution specialists provide trading oversight of our systematic trading processes, but also help with the identification of new markets and the development and support of new research projects.

Our execution team members monitor more than 150 global markets on a 24-hour basis, leveraging their understanding of the market micro-structure to look for opportunities to lower execution costs, reduce market impact and provide valuable market-based feedback to other teams. The skill sets of these individuals encompass expertise in computer science, econometrics and global markets.

Operations & Accounting

Experienced individuals within our Operations and Accounting teams, working with independent administrators as appropriate, seek to ensure that all aspects of pricing, valuation and trade allocation are handled with precision, and that client assets are safeguarded.

Our Operations & Accounting professionals, which include CPAs as well as employees with many years of experience in the money management industry, set high standards to earn, and maintain, our clients’ confidence.

Investor Relations & Business Development

Able to speak the language of quantitative investing, risk and portfolio management while understanding the needs of our investors, Millburn's Investor Relations and Business Development professionals provide a vital link between the firm, our Research team, and our clients and partners, and strive for an environment of collaboration and creativity in solving for unmet needs.

The team is focused on providing best-in-class client services, communication, transparency and performance reporting. IR and Business Development individuals can benefit from experience with quantitative approaches.

Legal and Compliance

Under the leadership of our General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Millburn consistently seeks the highest standard of compliance with legal and ethical requirements or guidelines. Robust internal and external policies help ensure that we maintain the proper care and division of responsibilities that can be critical to the investment process.

Millburn is registered with the CFTC and SEC, and is an NFA member. Such registrations and memberships do not constitute endorsement by any such agency or organization. 

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